Learn Spanish

Enjoy learning while getting to know Spanish speaking cultures. Check our new course “Spanish through the Lens of Tango”

Learn and have fun

Having fun while you learn makes the process faster and more efficient.  If you believe that learning a language goes hand in hand with understanding different cultures, you are about to contact the right teachers

Lessons tailored to your interests

Lessons are tailored to each student´s interests and needs.

Entertaining lessons

You will always learn new facets of the language and something interesting about a Spanish speaking culture.

Communicate quickly

Our goal is that you can begin to communicate in Spanish starting from the first class.​

Take your Spanish to the next level.

The reason why we tailor our lessons is because when you are interested in a topic, the learning process is faster and more efficient.

discover a new world in every lesson

You just need a great desire to learn. You don’t have to buy books; we will prepare all of the materials. We use different books, songs, online games, and other materials originally written in Spanish, as well as movie clips.

educational games
Songs and movies
We make learning easy and fun

Bring a great desire to learn and we’ll prepare everything else you need!

Study Plan

We follow the Instituto Cervantes suggestions for each leavel.

the right content for your Level

We follow the Study Plan suggested by the Instituto Cervantes. This guarantees that during the classes, the content required for each level is covered.

Individual lessons
Group lessons